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The Kern County manufactured home market is growing by leaps and bounds! With so many Kern County mobile home real estate options to choose from, you need a mobile home real estate firm that will aggressively and intelligently market your property. Many people have jumped into the real estate game with no experience and no real commitment. We see it all the time. But Your Kern County mobile home shouldn't be someone else's guinea pig. Choose a Kern County REALTOR® with proven experience and results. If you haven't chosen a Kern County REALTOR® yet, make sure your candidates can answer these tough questions:

  • How will you market my property so it really stands out in Kern County?
  • What's your online marketing strategy so my property is exposed to millions of potential local and relocating buyers?
  • Are you a reputable REALTOR® in Kern County? Do you have references?
  • Is my manufactured home eligible for low money down financing? Do you provide that financing?
  • Are there down payment assistance programs in my town?
  • Will my mobile home be listed in the MLS?

Why Choose West Coast Mobile Homes?

When you list your home with us you get more than a sign in you yard and few flyers. We created "listing syndication" to get your mobile home in front of literally millions of potential buyers. Our listing syndication dawns the new era of mobile home sales. In these times of dwindling manufactured home sales people need a fresh approach to get homes mobile homes sold fast. To learn more go to www.westcoastmobilehomes.com/listing-syndication.

Like salt & pepper we want to team up with you to get your mobile home sold fast & for the highest possible price. No one in the manufactured home industry has more experience or a better track record than we do. We are team players who with a proven & patented "Listing Syndication" process and an unparalled commitment to the manufactured housing industry just get the job done better, quicker & more professional.

With our tried & true "Listing Syndication" process we submit your home to a 100+ web sites & broadcast to millions of potential buyers with a few clicks of the mouse.

We believe in spending money to advertise your home including virtual tours, network video, flyers, newsprint, high impact signs, post card campaigns, direct mail, knocking on doors & much more.

Ranked #1 05, 06, 07 & 08 We are a Local Area Top Producer. We provide in house fee free financing to get your buyers qualified. We also have access to federal programs and city down payment assistance, low income housing aid and low credit programs. If we have to navigate through a sale in duress, we work with creditor negotiations, short sales, offsetting mortgage payments, park debt relief, relocation efforts & much more.

Check The Value Of Your California In Park Mobile Home.


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