West Coast: Who We are?

Serving our manufactured communities since 1999.

Our Philosophy:

There are no substitutions for rolling up the sleeves to get the job done right. That's why each client is assigned a proven & considerate account executive to oversee the home sale, purchase or loan transaction from start to finish. This is your guy or gal in the trenches with their "hands on" approach. They will become a trusted friend in this mobile home selling, buying, finance or refinance process. We have seen thousands of these friendships grow into something bigger than us. And we are amazed every time to see the customer/officer grow beyond our expectations.

Our Philosophy:

Basically, a general rule to remember is we are building a case to the Underwriter on every loan submission. Therefore anything that makes you look good to the bank should be submitted; things like child support, Structured settlements and rental agreements for other properties are all Examples of things that make you look good to the bank.

Furthermore: Mobile home loans are not like regular home loans in the sense that they are processed and evaluated case by case. If there are things that make your file look better let us know. It is our goal to provide you with the best mobile home loan that is available and in most cases we’ll need you to work as hard as we will to accomplish this goal.

Please fill in your application as complete as possible. As well if there are things we need to know about…things like an ex spouse still on title, home being a rental property or 2nd home, loss of job or change in careers are all critical things that you should tell us about up front, as we will inevitably find them out anyway. If there are foundation issues, park lease issues, home repair issues or any other major thing please let us know…it will only help.

Again thank you for inquiring with WestCoastMobileHomes.com. Myself & the West Coast staff value the manufactured industry, value customer service, value our reputation, value our park communities but most of all we value You.

- Nationwide provider of mobile home loans

- West Coast Real Estate Firm

- Serving you since 1999

- Home of the 2-step Guarantee

- Bad credit mobile home lender

- Real estate listing syndication

- Sponsor of park crime prevention

- Stated income & no doc loans

- Accountable, dedicated & diligent staff

- Online application process

- New home manufactured home dealer

- We buy mobile homes

West Coast Mobile Homes

Regardless of your income or credit situations, we have a multitude of mobile home finance and refinance options to suit your needs.

We will gather all the required information then we will tailor a loan program that best fits your current situation.

We know that not everyone has perfect credit... We also know that everyone desreves a home to live in and a home they can afford.

WestCoastMobileHomes.com is committed to all borrows of manufactured homes on land or in parks all across america.


Getting to know our company

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We offer bad credit to great credit finance options. Whether your financing or refinancing we have a loan for you.

Since 1999 we have represented buyers and sellers all over the state with amazing results and a proven track record.

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